Repair Natural Hair Food Formula


Hello Thin Hairs My name is Repair Natural. Are you falling? Are you giving rough look? You have dandruff? You have split ends?

🙂 Don’t Worry I am here now, I am your Savior, I am you Lifeline, I will make your hairs look beautiful, I will make you look beautiful so get ready to feel the confidence, use Repair Natural 🙂



We believe that what you put on your hair is as important as what you eat. That’s why we created Hair Food. Repair Natural is full of superfood ingredients you want to put in your hair, not the things you don’t.

Repair Natural Hair Growth Serum is a wonderful blend of organic and natural ingredients to make hairs look naturally healthy again.

Omegas and carotenoids that activates immediately to mend split ends. Restore vibrancy to style-stressed hairs and increase elasticity for stronger, more resilient hair.


Repair Natural Hair Growth Serum

RNHGS stops hair fall in 2-4 weeks and growth is visible in 4-6 weeks. It is magical for dandruff, split-ends and equally good for chemically treated and dyed hair.


This Amazing Product is blend of essential oils, Omega 3,6,9 and  Carotenoids from all over the world, hair vitamins, nutrients and follicles, it is completely Natural and organic, that also means no chemicals at all.

It is a complete diet for your hair.


Massage Repair Natural Hair Growth Serum for 5-10 minutes (Apply it warm) and leave for minimum 4-5 hours (you may also leave it overnight). Before washing hair, and wash as per your regular routine. Repair Natural Hair Growth Serum to be applied 3 times in a week. For best results use Repair Natural Sulfate free Shampoo and Repair Natural Conditioner.



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